A Cage within Me


I poured the tea of sentiments

into a cup of poetic talk with my friend;

highlighting the poignant reality,

of a man’s so called autonomy.


In a concluding tone I began:

A man though seemingly liberal

 is imprisoned- in this world;

a jail with no iron bars but of despair.

The barbarous society assumes the role of an obese stern jailer

that looks at a man with an insensitive eye.

There’s but an unpromising hope

to break away the darkness.

Wish he had an escape route!


My ally’s face curved into a placid smile,

He poured his tea of scrutiny and replied:

Certainly, I do see the man encaged 

but in the jail of his niche;                                              

bars made up of cowardice,

under the strict eye of his fears.

The wild wind of apprehension  

blows off the candle of hope inside him.

Wish he could realize it…….!


I was taken aback by my friend’s remarks

that left me in a state of wonder.

How I too have surrendered like others

to the will of my baseless dreads.

And the poignant reality I asserted,

appears to be far beyond the truth of life.

All these years I have been ignorant of

a cage within me…….


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A Tie beyond Words


The exceptional connectivity, trust, love and romance o75dbc7b58d6e6724c695dbce9a3e412df lovers is mostly the highlight of the movies, whether Hollywood or Bollywood. Writers have been writing love poetries, novels and songs since centuries. Everyone seems to be gripped with it. Undoubtedly, love is beautiful and it’s hard to imagine life without a partner. However, other relationships too play an important role. Life would be very difficult without a mother’s warmth, a father’s care, the secrets-sharing with siblings; morning walks with grandpa, and grandma’s treasure of fantasy tales.

Beyond what ties we have with people, there is a bond which is indescribable in words. And you realize this only when you have one. This is the special connection shared by humans with their pets. Among all pets, dogs are the most amiable, loyal and co-operative. Many might have expected the article to talk of something new between humans. But I’m sure that those who like animals and have experienced the essence of this love; would surely hook to this article till the end.


So, let’s begin by first knowing them a little bit. They would wag their tail bacGolden Retriever bitch, Jasmine, lying, panting and wagging her tailk and forth, indicating happiness and liking for someone or something. Generally, the wagging of the tail to the right expresses positive emotions while the same to the left shows negative emotions. Also from the sound of barking, one can make out the emotional state of a dog. Like a child, they are filled with curiosity, want attention and love to cuddle. It is believed that dogs often quit life, if a family member (very close to them), dies. In fact, losing them also is like losing a dear one.


In terms of loyalty, they are better than humans. You may doubt your lover’s affection turning away from you but this is not in the case of dogs. They never ‘break up’ or ‘divorce’ their masters.  You see, they don’t have commitment issues. 😛 Even if they flee off (due to obvious reasons) you know that they would return home soon.

js37129193People may adopt them for security purpose, or for an adorable company to evade loneliness and even for the sake of showing high status. Nevertheless, they really don’t bother how their owners look like or how wealthy they are. As I mentioned before, they just want your affection and attention. And in return, they will serve you with unconditional love and faithfulness. They can even sacrifice their lives for humans, and this is quite evident from these following incidents.

  • In September 2013, Dave Furakawa was walking his four- year- old son Will, to school when a red Chrysler was speeding towards them. But Furakawa’s boxer guide dog, Simon, rose up from the pavement and pushed the little boy out of the way. Will was saved. Furakawa though injured still survived, but Simon died before any medical help could reach. The dog had been with Furakawas for four years and was devoted to the child. After the sacrifice made by Simon, can we doubt the possibility of an extraordinary relationship with the animals?

(Story courtesy: Change Organization)

  • Four years ago, in Uttar Pradesh, two children of a farmer adopted a street dog and named him ‘Jacky’. In October 2016, one night when the farmer, Gurdev Singh was fast asleep, a tiger from the nearby Dudhwa National Park approached him. Jacky sensed the presence of the tiger and tried to wake up his master, but in vain. When the animal moved forward to the attack the man, Jacky flung himself at the big cat which woke up the farmer. It gave him enough time to look for a stick and raise alarm. The farmer could escape but the dog was dragged by the tiger and his body was later found by the villagers some distance away.  The statement given by Gurdev, seems to be a great message to the entire human race. He stated, “Jacky returned the favour of a few chapattis a day by giving up its life. I wish humans could learn from it how to love others and show devotion. “

(Story courtesy: Change Organization)

Now let’s look at the real and pitiless side of people. In October, this year, there was maimagesss killing of 40 stray dogs in Kerala, only because according to the angry mob, street dogs were responsible for the killing of 10 natives. So, this is how people tackle such issues. In return they killed even those dogs that were gullible. The major factor distinguishing humans from animals is their ability to use intelligence and think. But do they really use their brains?  And of course, we all are well aware of the Yulin Dog Meat Festival in China. Thousands of dogs are killed every year only for the delight of some humans. Despite the steps taken against this practice, it has still not come to an end. All such incidents make me ponder what the so called humanity actually is. It’s a shame for all of us. Certainly, not everyone is the same but the majority of us really don’t think before inflicting such cruelty on innocent animals.

Besides the darker side of humanity, here’s something that I would love to share with everyone about a female street dog in my society, much loved and admired by everyone, though obviously you do come across some residents disliking the presence of an animal in a society. She’s not a pet to anyone yet she shows considerable love to all. She’s most of the time calm and does not bark unnecessarily at every passerby. My family and few others, daily give her bread or a chapatti, dipped in milk. A few weeks back, I acknowledged her trouble of rigorous itching. Because of this she was incessantly scratching and as a result, there were many injuries and considerable loss of hair on her body. Looking at her infuriation and miserable state, I decided to get her the right treatment. So, I called up People for Animals’ branch in my city from where I got the contact number of SPCA (organization curing animals). Soon, the vaccination was given and finally she was relieved of the irritation. Although it wasn’t easy to hold her at one place, still it was managed somehow. I was glad that I could be of any help to the dog. This brought a great deal of satisfaction to me and that’s what also inspired me to write this article.


Even if we cannot keep pets at home, that’s how each of us can help a street dog or any animal in need.  It’s always better to have the contact number of any organization working for the same. One can also google up for the number or address whenever required. In this way, we all can serve the true purpose of humanity.

Must share this article with all animal lovers 🙂


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Look what fear made me!


There’s this emotion, prevailing over me like a giant shadow,

governing all my moments, gloomy or cheerful.

This one horrible feeling – fear

reminds me of the momentariness of life.


How I fear sorrow when I’m contented,

Censure when I speak my heart out,

Captivity when I’m free.

Vulnerability, though secured;

Failure when I succeed.

The horror of loss takes away the joy of gain.


The same story went on

when love happened,

I feared betrayal then,

And now love scares me.


Being on the top I feared falling off,

at the present, height scares me.

I never had inclination to death

But today, quitting life seems better.

This is what fear has done to me,

Look what it made me!

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What if? (Re-considered)

Humble thanks to my friend Ishaan and my fellow blogger Haseena (https://haseenaazmusings.wordpress.com/) for their valuable suggestions to this article. 🙂


Talking about super humans and their powers has always fascinated me. In movies and comics, they are portrayed either as heroes, who save the world or the impious villains, who aim to destroy the mankind. However in real life, a superhuman may not necessarily be a savior or a destroyer. Stanley’s Super humans, a show on Discovery channel launched in the year 2005, was a huge hit and the host, Stanley (a superhuman himself) went around the world to discover more people like him and those humans, though different in certain aspects from others, had a normal life like us.


The human enhancement and advancement which attempts to overcome the limitations of human body, results in formation of the unusual powers. Some people assert to attain them through meditation while some possess them due to genetic modification.

I wonder what it is to be so atypical and preternatural! May be, the tedious tasks of daily routine would become more effortless and exciting. Though it may seem difficult (or rather impossible) to acquire these powers; there are no restrictions to one’s imaginations. So here by, I share my imageries in context to “what if’s” that could have existed, if we all had any of the following mentioned abilities.

1. What if we could fly?


What a sight would it be see a whole lot of mob on the wing!

  • We would require airplanes only to travel long distances.
  • People would be struggling their ways through traffic jams in the air. Arrangements for the people on flight (instead on foot) will have to be made. 😛
  • Plans for building shops and restaurants in the sky to attract the crowd, flying would be the new trend.
  • Sports Committees would organize- flying marathons.
  • Warnings would be like: Watch out for fast approaching airplanes.

gallerychar_1900x900_mos_52e05e3fe24a61-04593858Indeed, a hard time for makers of the superhero movies. They will have to think of some another way to show them unique. After all, what would be so different about them? Flying isn’t a big deal! 😉

2. What if the average running speed of a human was 320 km/hr?

I wouldn’t need to fly if I could really run at such an incredible speed. This power would be enough to make life easy.


  • With the speed as that of a bullet, who needs to wait long in the traffic jams? Only the lazy ones would be sitting in their cars and blowing horns.


angry_boss Then we wouldn’t have any chance to escape our boss’ anger with an alibi of being late due to lack of transportation.



“A blessing for the women” – this would have saved their time in the tiresome household chores; in fact it would’ve benefited all those who complain of running short of time

crop                                   A great way to keep ourselves fit. 😀

3. What if lifting a bus with our hands wasn’t anything unusual?


insane-things-body-can-do-to-survive2  “I can easily lift my car like my briefcase and, I so don’t need your help.”

  • If the engine of your car fails or you run out of petrol, you really don’t require people to push your car. Just lift it up like a suitcase. You see, that’s not such a big trouble!
  • The WWEs and WWFs matches would have been more interesting.
  • “Our traffic police will not require a crane to lift the cars in the no parking areas; they are sturdy enough to do that on their own.” 😀29d8d05600000578-3133811-image-m-35_1434929187408


Every boyfriend would be Edward Cullen and so would be the girls! 😉


4. What if telepathy was an innate ability?

telepathy-2You find yourself in a situation where you are all alone, stuck in a dense forest with no cell phone (or even if you have, there’s no chance of network). The eeriness of the jungle haunts you and suddenly, you hear the roar of a tiger. You find no means to communicate with anyone. But there’s one way you could do that without any telecommunication facility. You just close your eyes and ring your friend’s mind. Trrin trrin..  “Rodger! I need you man! I am all alone in this lonely damn jungle. Come as soon as possible. I’m freaking out”. Unfortunately, Rodger’s reply disheartened you. He was stuck in his routine business in the toilet and couldn’t be of any help to you at that very moment.

  • This ability would have saved lives and money, too. Criminals would have stood no chance.

The Kidnappers to each other- “We won’t let her go till we are paid 10,000 bucks and no one can trace us easily”.

The girl on the other side (smart enough to use telepathy) – “Yes, father, the warehouse, at a distance of about 10 kilometers from the pharmacy shop.”

  • The use of cell phones will be less for calling and more for other purposes.
  •   I doubt what teachers would have done then. Ask us to switch off our minds? I guess our brains do that automatically during the lectures 😛 


5. What if we all had some magic or a magnetic power?

  • We humans would be so happy to have something that would motivate us to be lethargic. Does one need to get up for glass of water lying on the table? Just point towards the glass, move your fingers and the glass would fly in the air and come to you. Your work is done!

crop-2           “Don’t mess with me just because I look weaker than you.” 😉

  • Wicked people would misuse these powers, undoubtedly, but then even good men would be on equal footing.
  • You would require taking extra care of yourself around a psycho path. You never know if he throws a truck at you in rage. 😛


6.What if looking into future was like watching a movie? (Suggestion)

time-machine                                                            “Who needs a time machine?”


  • Time travelling would have both positive and negative impacts. Perhaps, we wouldn’t have got to hear about the sinking of Titanic or the world wars which created a great history. That would have been a major hindrance in the progress of history, but then we could expect a peaceful life at least.
  • All mishaps would have been prevented. No accidents, no tragedies, no crimes. A great control over untimely death indeed.
  • How happy the students would have been. They need not worry about any legal action against them for leaking the question paper. You see they don’t really need to do that. Then examination period wouldn’t have been tough for students but for schools.


  • There would be no existence of astrologers then.


  •  We often complain of falling in love with a wrong person in search of our soul mates.  Peeping into the future would have solved this problem.


  • By travelling to the past, we all could meet our dear ones who are no more with us.  🙂


  • Ultimately, wicked people would try to ruin everything and the saviors would try to prevent it.


How about the knack of being invisible or duplicating ourselves, or perhaps, use our body’s energy to generate fire? (Be smart enough to save the fuel) 😉

Do you have more ideas to add to this article? Drop them in the comments below. 😀

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The Raveled Mystery of Time


Stacy was sitting in an ice-cream parlour, waiting for her friend with whom she had a plan to visit the most famous museum of the city. She had been waiting for him for over an hour and was utterly frustrated as her calls and messages got no response. Having no idea of his whereabouts, she made up her mind to go back home, by the next bus which was to arrive in half an hour; and decided to leave the parlour five minutes prior to that, as it would take hardly a minute, to reach the nearest bus stop. She looked at her cell phone, scrolling her thumb up and down, looking for something that could help her to overcome the boredom. Suddenly, an old woman (probably in her late sixties), approached her. “Hello, my dear”, she said in a honey like voice. “Do you mind if I sit here?”

“Not at all”, replied Stacy humbly. The old woman’s eyes reflected curiosity and inquisitiveness, as that of a child. She looked quite happy and excited to start a conversation. “It seems that you have been waiting for someone who did not turn up, right?” asked the woman. Stacy wondered how the lady could make this out, but then thought it to be an assumption. “Yes. I had been waiting for a friend, but I don’t think he would come now. So, I am leaving by the next bus.”

The lady had a striking resemblance to Stacy. It appeared to Stacy that she would look exactly like her, in her old age. They both had similar manners, smile and the way of talking.  Stacy thought her to be a distant relative of hers.

But then, she noticed something, and could not hold herself from putting a few questions to the lady. “You look a bit like my grandmother. In fact, you resemble me. Maybe, we are related. Do you know my grandma, Giselle Woods? Are you a distant cousin of hers?” she hastily asked.

The lady laughed and said, “Well, you can say that.”  Before she could ask more; the old lady diverted the topic.

She giggled and said “I was very excited to meet you. I can tell you very well, what you are thinking of, right now. You are thinking of your friend, David, who was supposed to be here. I even know that you are always worried about your future, and anxious that you might not be what you want to, but do not worry. You’ll have a great life ahead with a successful career, a caring husband and adoring kids, and of course, endearing grandchildren too.”

Stacy was astonished to hear this. She was already perplexed; how the lady could tell her friend’s name when she did not mention it before her, even if she made random guesses about the other things. With a surprised tone, she asked the old woman “Are you an astrologer? I mean how you could tell the name of my friend whom you don’t even know?”

“Oh! Don’t be so surprised. You would come to know that at the right time”, the lady said merrily. “I cannot believe I’m here. Good old days!”

Stacy could not understand what the lady meant by all this and found her to be eerily mysterious. She even thought that the lady possessed some extraordinary powers, for she was able to read her mind and foretell her future. Stacy realized that it was time for her to leave, as the bus would arrive anytime now. But the old lady held her hand and said “No, need to go, Stacy. David will be here any moment and he’s going to give a lame excuse for being late.” Stacy was dumbstruck to hear her name from the lady. Thinking her to be a ghost or a supernatural being, she managed to escape the lady’s grip and hastily ran towards the entrance door of the parlour, when she saw David coming.

“I am so sorry Stacy, for coming late. I could not find my tooth paste.”

Stacy stood speechless as she stared at the glass door. She then, turned around and looked for the lady, but she was gone. She rushed back to the table where they had been sitting and to her surprise, she found a note which read:

You are really silly or should I say I was silly then, to imagine myself as ghost or something. Don’t worry! Your curiosity will end when you’ll come back here again, after a long time.

Stacy couldn’t get the hang of it. She pondered what the woman meant by “I was silly to think that I was a ghost or something”. Was it a mistake that she made while writing the note? Her head was spinning. David was also stuck in a confusion to see Stacy so worried and shocked. He made her sit and tried to calm her. She showed him the note and explained him everything. “She didn’t seem to be a normal human being. Please believe me!”

“Calm down, Stacy. Of course, I believe you but tell me one thing. You said that the lady had a resemblance to your grandmother or maybe she was more like you in appearance.” Stacy nodded and said, “She even had a brown mark on her index finger, like the one I have. That’s why I asked her, if she was a relative of mine.”

‘You mean exactly the same mark on the same finger, of the same hand as yours?’

Yes, exactly the same.

David’s eyes grew wider and he looked at Stacy, astounded. “I can’t believe that it actually exists. It can happen in future. This is unimaginable.”

‘Look David, don’t scare me now. I’m already so baffled. Please come straight to the point. What actually exists and is so unimaginable?’

‘Do you know about time-paradox? I guess you don’t. After all, you never studied science but maybe by chance, you have some idea about it.’

‘No. I never heard of it. Don’t drive me mad and tell me what you are actually trying to explain.’

‘Well, time-paradox is an apparent or a logical contradiction. You see, it’s related to time travel. If you classify time paradox into its broad categories then what you experienced was “casual loop”. It states that an event in the future is a cause of past event, which in turn is the cause of the future event.  It’s quite complicated. I never believed that it could exist. Scientists till date, have no proof or a real life incident to explain this theory. However, I am damn sure it was your future self.  That’s why she knew each and everything about you. You will be travelling time in the future and come back here to meet yourself. This is so amazing. I hope I am that successful future scientist, who would have made this possible. It would be like a dream come true for me.

‘Rubbish! I don’t believe this. Keep your science stuff to yourself. You are talking about something that is impossible. I really need to go and talk to momma about that lady.’

‘Jeez! You don’t believe in time paradox?  Then explain me all that she told you and wrote in the note. What did she mean by – should I say I was silly then?

‘I don’t know.’

‘So you think I am speaking nonsense?’

‘I don’t know but this sounds impractical. And if you are actually kidding me, then let me tell you that isn’t funny at all. Anyway, I don’t want to go to the museum, today. We’ll make another plan for it. I am getting goose bumps now. I hope she was not some evil spirit.’

Stacy left the place to catch her bus. David was left in a state of confusion as even he couldn’t be so certain that, what he told her could be true or not. “Only time will tell that”, he thought to himself.

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A Dream Not Come True!

We all have an extreme passion for something, or desires which we expect to fulfill, one day. However, when we fail to do so and are compelled by the circumstances to give up on them; life can be very disheartening. Many of us eventually learn to forget them and happily continue with our lives. Nevertheless, our sub-conscious mind still holds those unfulfilled wishes and we often see them in our dreams.

Here are some interesting stories of those experiencing the same. I am sure we all would be able to connect with these short stories and enjoy reading them! 😉

Story #1 A Racer or a Dreamer?


The noise of the overwhelmed crowd, cheering the racers, rose above the voice of the commentator who was announcing the onset of the race. All team personnel left the ground and the cars took up their grid positions. The red lights were about to extinguish in a few minutes, signaling the start of the race. Smith was sitting in his black striped and light golden, lavish sports car. He was wearing an amber coloured jacket and his helmet was black. He was passionate about cars since he was eight and aspired to be a racer. Today was his first race and he seemed to be both excited, and nervous. The countdown had begun and all eyes were on the red signals. As soon as the signals disappeared, the cars drove off swiftly. Smith, who started off with the 7th position managed to overtake three cars and was now on the 4th position.  By the time he crossed the second last lap, he was on number two. Looking at the only car ahead of him, he sarcastically uttered – “Don’t worry buddy! Won’t let it be a cakewalk for you”. The final lap was a mile away. The winner of the race was yet to be concluded when Smith felt a kind of jerk. He didn’t turn his attention and remained focused.

He experienced it once more but again ignored it. Suddenly, he felt someone poking his shoulder which made him open his eyes and he saw an old lady standing by the open window of his car. “Thank Goodness! You are awake now“, said the lady. “Is this taxi number 3024?”

Before he could answer, the lady examined the number plate herself and exclaimed “Oh, yes it is!”

Then she asked – “Do you know the way to John’s Sweet Delicacies?”

“Yes madam, very well!” he replied and got off the taxi to open the door for her. Poor Smith! He could be a racer just in his dreams.

Story#2  The Desired Expedition!

Necker-Island-Aerial.jpgRuby Wilson was quite confident of her knowledge of history and loved studying it. She held a master’s degree in History. She felt so contented to have an opportunity to fulfill her dream of being an archaeologist. She was heading off on a ship to a distant island with her team so as to discover some 15th century coins on an island. They were about to reach there in an hour. All of them gathered in a large hall room on the ship to discuss their final plan. Ruby placed the map on the table and briefed everyone about the area to be explored.  Like a professional archaeologist, she carried all the necessary tools (to dig the ground), a binocular, a note book which had the details of the island and the map, of course. She was very excited for this adventure.

Finally, they reached their destination. It was an exotic island with soft golden sand, tall coconut trees, palm trees and some tropical plants. They headed towards the area on the island where they were to find the treasure. It was quite difficult to look for it as they didn’t have any idea of the exact point where it was buried. After excavating at some places they were able to find it, at last. By then, they all were completely worn out. So, they decided to rest for a while but Ruby refused to. Her excitation made her restless and she began to dig the ground all by herself. Suddenly, she heard a cry of a baby. At first, she didn’t pay any heed to it but gradually, the cry grew louder and louder. She felt irritated and glanced at her team mates but none of them seemed to be bothered, and gave her no response. By the time she could interpret the whole situation, she found herself sitting on the bed with her baby on the laps. She felt asleep while reading the news about some explorers who undertook a venture on a famous island of Portugal. She forgot to get the baby’s milk bottle, who was wailing due to hunger. And so, she got up from the bed and rushed to the kitchen.

Story #3 Lets hit it! 


The stage was ready with colourful lightings and band of musicians with their musical instruments were all set to rock the show. The enthusiastic crowd, holding the posters of Jonathon couldn’t wait anymore for the grand show to begin. The repetition of Jonathan’s name could be heard in the shrill voices of women. At back stage, the star of the show, Jonathon Lewis was giving a last practice to his song when he was informed by his assistant about the time left to begin the show. The audience cannot be kept waiting for long and he had only 20 minutes to get ready. Sitting on the dressing table, he smiled at his own reflection on the mirror and remarked, “Nervous? Are you, man?” The hairstylist was called by the assistant for Jonathon. Whilst the hairstylist was doing his job, Jonathon was lost in his own thoughts. It was hard for him to believe that he’s getting ready for his LIVE show (and not for the office, like his usual dull routine). This was something he has been dreaming for twenty years. He could incessantly hear the voices of the audience shouting his name. Filled with confidence and exuberance, he was ready to mesmerize his fans with his sensational singing.

Finally, the moment came when Jonathan entered the stage with his guitar. The shouts, claps and hoots were at their peak. Holding the mic in his hand, he asked the audience in a lively tone, “So are you guys, ready?” The crowd replied with a loud “yes”.

The band began to play the background music and Jonathon was about to sing when he heard someone yelling his name twice. It was strange to hear it as the crowd became silent and the voice of a lady shouting his name could only be heard. It didn’t sound like a cheering but as if someone was calling him. He looked at the crowd, in bewilderment. But before he could infer anything, he hurriedly opened his eyes and realized the fact that he was dreaming. His wife was calling out his name, telling him to get up. “Honey, it’s time for you to get ready and leave for the office”, she said. She even mocked at him by saying – “What if people come to know that the Managing Director of such a renowned multinational company needs to be woken up like a child?” Jonathon got down from his bed to get ready for his work.

Story#4 Don’t let it all end, so soon! 


My rocket was about to take off in a couple of minutes and I was in my spacesuit, operating its controls. It was so unimaginable for me. My childhood dream to visit the space at least once in my life time has finally come true. I was happy be the pilot of my space rocket. Though, I had no idea about my mission and didn’t even care to know. I was not even surprised by the fact that I had no team. This could have been an indication of something very fishy, but I was too excited to think about it. My mind was occupied with the thought of seeing those millions of stars, twinkling brightly in the dark sky. I would get a chance to view my beautiful planet from the outer space and see the satellites and the International Space Station out there. Once in my dream, I happened to be in a place from where I could see all the planets, together. What a sight it was! However, I knew that I would be a fool to expect this in reality. I heard a machine generated voice foretelling the launch in “T- minus ten seconds” and the final countdown began – 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1; and my rocket finally, launched. My body started to vibrate and I thought that it was due to my agitation or may be the rocket that was moving up. I could feel it again, and this time it was followed by a tune. I could not understand what was happening and soon ended up lying on my bed and the cell phone beside me. And I was feeling annoyed by the buzzing sound and the tone of my alarm. Thanks to my dear smart phone for interrupting in my wonderful realization of travelling space. It didn’t even let me cross the troposphere. When I took the cell phone in my hand to stop it, I felt as if it has assumed life and was sardonically saying – “Welcome back to the reality, baby!”

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